If you own a gun and you do not have a license to carry (“LTC”) or firearms identification card (“FID Card”), then you need to contact us today at 781-773-8868.  In Massachusetts, the penalties for unlawfully possessing a gun are very severe.  When it comes to gun charges, you need a defense team that has successfully beat these cases.

What factors might increase my sentence?

Carrying a gun on you or having it in your car

If the police catch you carrying a gun, or driving around with it in your car, then you will likely be facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 18 months in the house of correction.  

Having a large capacity gun or clip

Click here to learn more about large-capacity weapons and feeding devices.

Having prior convictions for drug charges or crimes of violence

If you have prior convictions of certain drug and/or violent crimes, then you can easily be exposed to a mandatory minimum sentence ranging from 3 to 15 years in state prison.  This law, commonly referred to as the Armed Career Criminal Statute, provides prosecutors with the ability to seek a much harsher sentence for certain people with new gun charges.

You need a defense team that knows guns and gun laws.

When fighting a gun case, you need to be sure you have the right lawyer in your corner.  We have a proven record of beating gun cases in Massachusetts.  Many judges will set a high case bail when you have been charged with unlawful possession of a gun.  If you or your loved one cannot afford to sit in jail for the better part of a year while awaiting trial, then you should contact us immediately.  We have successfully beat gun cases that were based upon 4th Amendment violations by the police.  Our most recent gun case dismissals can be found here.

What is "Gun Court"?

Picking up a gun case in Boston is unlike anywhere else in Massachusetts.  Since February 21, 2006, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and the Boston Municipal Court Department have worked together to speed up the prosecution of gun cases.

Currently, if you are arrested on gun charges in Roxbury, Dorchester, East Boston, South Boston, Charlestown, or Downtown, then you will be arraigned in the court that has jurisdiction over the location where the offense was committed.  The next time you appear in court, it will be downtown in the Central Division of the Boston Municipal Court Department (The Edward Brooke Courthouse, commonly referred to as the “BMC”).  Until this case is resolved, you will be in this court, in the same session (courtroom), in front of the same judge.

The Gun Priority Disposition Session, more popularly known as “Gun Court,” is arguably the toughest place to fight a gun case.  The DA’s Office has a specialized group of prosecutors in Gun Court, and their conviction rate is much higher than anywhere else in the Commonwealth.