Receiving a summons for a clerk’s hearing is not the end of the world, but it is very serious.  You still have a chance to avoid being formally charged with a crime.  Whether or not you believe you need to hire an attorney for your upcoming clerk’s hearing, you should contact us today for a free consultation.

The purpose of the hearing

The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether there is probable cause to issue a criminal complaint.  The magistrate will review the allegations in the application for complaint, and if probable cause exists, issue the complaint.  A magistrate may not issue a criminal complaint unless the allegations establish probable cause.  This means there must be probable cause to believe that you have committed the offense for which you have been accused.

Showing up to your hearing and simply explaining your side of the story is never enough.

Why should you contact us?

Remember, the clerk’s hearing is the first opportunity you will have to fight the accusations against you.  The best way to defend yourself is to make the most of each and every chance you have to resolve the case in your favor.  This is also the most cost effective approach to defending criminal charges.  We have successfully defended clients in these types of hearings, ultimately sparing them the cost of defending a case all the way to trial.