If someone is accusing you of an assault & battery, or assault & battery with a dangerous weapon, then you should contact us immediately.  The first step in preparing to defend charges like these is becoming fully aware of the potential consequences.  The only way you can do this is by having an experienced criminal defense attorney review every aspect of your case.  Every case is different.  There are many factors that will determine the how serious of a penalty you may be facing.

Factors to consider

Prior criminal record

When a judge is determining whether to impose a bail or release you on your promise to appear, your criminal records matters. The prosecution also considers your criminal record in determining whether to seek jail time in your case. If you think you do not have a record because you do not have any convictions, then you should contact us today to learn why this is not the reality.

Seriousness of the accusations

The District Attorney’s Office will generally prosecute your case more aggressively if the accusations involve bodily injuries, weapons, or other aggravating factors. When these factors exist, the potential for serious jail time becomes much greater.

Identity of the alleged victim

Whether the alleged victim is a spouse, friend, or complete stranger makes a difference. Not only does it impact the likelihood that they will cooperate with the DA’s Office, but it also impacts how we approach our investigation. The more we know about your accuser, the better prepared we will be to expose the holes in their story.